Thursday, 16 May 2013

Boredom and BAFTAs

So I have finally decided to start writing a blog, conveniently at the same time as I should be studying for exams (oops)

Revision for exams has taken over, although at the same time I am very good at putting it off. I will look at a book for roughly ten minutes, and then my brain will suddenly go 'Wow, that's enough work for the next six hours. Time for yet more toast and aimlessly scrolling through Instagram.' My sofa has actually started to sag quite badly on one side due to the amount of time i spend sitting there desperately trying to cram history into my head. If  anyone can tell me how to make the foreign policy of Edward IV interesting, I will love you forever.

Thankfully, my boredom was temporarily lifted on Sunday with the yearly occurrence of the television BAFTAs. Due to my bizarre and inexplicable obsession with rewards ceremonies, I spent that evening gawping in a weird kind of rapture at the tv. I genuinely squealed out loud with extreme happiness at Ben Whishaw's acceptance speech as he manages to be totally gorgeous even when he's flustered. 

I was annoyed that Made In Chelsea got an award though, I mean, come on. Are we now congratulating people who do nothing but wear expensive clothes and look vaguely expressionless the whole time? I could seriously write a novel on how much I hate that programme.

Sorry for the not very upbeat post, I don't normally whine this much (promise!)


  1. Aw welcome to blogspot haha! <3 I feel like I should have watched the baftas :') xx

    1. Thank you! You should have done, they were so good :)xx