Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A cheerful post

Hello again! I am feeling noticably more cheerful at the moment, because yesterday was my LAST EXAM WOOO. I feel like I can finally totally relax and slob around for a bit. However I have promised myself that I will actually try and do stuff this summer, instead of hiding inside complaining about the heat, so I am making a list of stuff I want to do, (suggestions are welcome, I haven't really come up with anything yet...)

Last week was a bit of a filmy week for me, as I got round to seeing the new Star Trek film and The Great Gatsby. 

This was pretty much the first Star Trek film I have ever seen, and I was surprised at how much of it I understood, although my mum did have to explain the Vulcan death grip to me. I did seriously enjoy it, and I particularly loved Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan (but he improves everything for me), although I found Alice Eve's character annoying, because she seemed to be in it purely so they could get a shot of her in her underwear (not impressed...). I would recommend seeing it though, and I have resolved to try and watch some of the older Star Trek films.

I also found that I enjoyed The Great Gatsby a lot more than I thought I would. I had seen reviews saying it wasn't very good, so I was prepared to be unconvinced by it, but I was pleasantly surprised. The storyline seemed a bit disjointed, and I didn't think Tobey Maguire was very good as Nick, but apart from that I found it quite moving. It is very visually spectacular, as all of Baz Luhrmann's films are, but I actually found that this didn't detract too much from the tragedy of the story. I am halfway through reading the book now,and I can see why it would be difficult to make a film of as most of it is Nick's narration and description, but overall, I think it was well made and worth seeing.

However, my excitement at the end of exams was dampened when it was announced that Matt Smith would be leaving Doctor Who. He is by far my favourite Doctor and for the first time in my life I am kind of dreading this year's Christmas special. In the meantime, the Internet has exploded with speculation over who is going to be next, so I made a list of who I would like to be the 12th Doctor

Joseph Gilgun (a.k.a Rudy out of Misfits) just because he is an amazing actor, as well as totally hilarious (and oddly attractive)

Tilda Swinton, because she is one of my idols, and its about time they had a female Doctor

Richard Ayoade, because I think he would be quite a different, maybe calmer Doctor, and he is just generally incredible

Zawe Ashton (who plays Vod in Fresh Meat) because she is pretty much the coolest person ever

Anyway, I'm going to try and enjoy the sunshine, preferably without getting sunburn or being attacked by bees.


  1. Great to hear your exams are over! I'm also going to try and do something useful this summer, instead of moping about inside for 10 weeks, although that is probably what I will end up doing.
    I also am devastated at Matt Smith leaving, and I really don't know who I want to be the next doctor. Richard Ayoade is a cool suggestion, but I can't really get to grips with the idea of a female doctor.
    Love your blog already!
    Ella x

    1. Agh thank you, it is such a relief, hope yours have gone ok. I know, I am trying to set myself some big project so I don't just spend 2 months watching bad television... I'm not entirely sure who I want to be the next doctor either (I was too busy being upset about Matt Smith leaving) but I think they could pull off a female doctor, if they had the right person.
      Flora x

  2. I don't want Matt Smith to leave! He was such an amazing doctor. And I also can't quite get over the fact that I might never see River and Eleven together on my TV again. I just need them both in my life.

    Into Darkness was the first Star Trek film I ever saw too! I understood quite a bit too- but I did have my dad helping me out whenever I had a question. The only thing that was irritating was when Uhura was speaking Klingon, the subtitles came in Arabic (because I live in Dubai). I didn't really get why though, since none of the expats here speak Arabic. I agree about Alice Eve's character too- she was pretty irritating.

    1. Ahh yes that is a shocking thought, I feel like they have both been on it for ages!
      Hmm that sounds irritating, I can't remember what they said in Klingon, I don't think it was too essential to the plot though. Yes! I feel like they could have just cut her out altogether and no one would have noticed...

  3. MATT SMITH IS THE BEST<3 and that sounds so great, and i love ur blog title!