Sunday, 23 June 2013

Bowie and brain fluff

Agh. I was going to try and do a post once a week, but then hey, I went back to school and all my time has been absorbed by lounging around on a different chair. Sorry...

I had loads of ideas of what to do for blogging, but most of them were quite small and I have forgotten a lot of them, so this post is probably consist of all the fluff that has been floating around my brain, and some of the things I have been doing.

The other day I realised just how self conscious I am. I recently bought some Irregular Choice wedges (emptying my entire bank account in the process) and then had a total panic about whether or not to wear them to school, because I was scared I might fall over or not be able to walk in them. It took a good few days of fretting before I realised that actually, looking a bit stupid isn't such a big deal. And hey, when I did go to school in them nothing disastrous happened, almost the opposite as loads of people said nice things about them, and I was taller than pretty much everyone.

Recently, I also got to see the exhibition about David Bowie at the V&A in London. I went with my dad, who is an enormous fan, and even though I didn't know that much about him, it was still incredible. It had everything you could ever wish to see in an exhibition about him and more, from all his glorious costumes to handwritten lyrics and even a tissue with his lipstick on. The whole thing was so well set out and you could tell that someone had spent ages planning it, as there were special sections with stuff from his early years, his films and his time in Berlin. There was also this huge hall in the middle with videos of him projected onto the walls, and everyone in there was totally silent, just staring and listening to the music on their headphones. We ended up spending two hours in there, we got so caught up in it all.

Despite having gone back to school, I have still managed to find time to aimlessly trawl the Internet. I  got massively excited when I saw that Ben Whishaw was featuring in the new Prada menswear campaign (if you haven't seen it yet GO AND LOOK NOW YOUR BRAIN WILL MELT WITH THE ADORABLENESS OF IT). I also stumbled across these pictures of this years contestants on The Apprentice with their cat lookalikes, which kept me entertained for longer than it should have done.

Sorry if this post has been a bit random, my brain feels all messed up at the moment and this probably reflects that...


  1. My brain is always full of random fluff, I never know how I manage to get it down onto a page!

    BTW, without meaning to be annoying, that link to the cat/apprentice pictures doesn't go to the right site.

    1. Haha me neither, thanks for mentioning it I have changed it now :)