Thursday, 15 August 2013

Photo Diary-ish

The other day I was out in town and finally got round to getting a new phone, so I spent the remainder of the day excitedly taking pictures of pretty much everything, and then decided to blog about said photos. Just to give you all a flavour of the fascinating life I have.
I found some shoes I really wanted in TK Maxx, which turns out to be the best place to find cool cheap clothes. Providing you're prepared to sift through a lot of weird shit first.
Me and my sister got bored very quickly of adult shopping so we spent some time sat on the floor in the children's section of WH Smiths reading all the books there.

 And then we looked at some costumes from Shakespeare plays. This was the only photo I could take of them because the people who worked in the building gave me angry looks when I was taking it. For some reason it came out misty, even though I don't think there were ghosts in there.

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