Monday, 28 October 2013

My school is lame

So the other day this rock band came into our school to help some people with writing songs, and at the end of the day they put on a concert for the whole school. Which would have been fine but it was really embarassing because we were banned from standing up or making a loud noise, so we were all sat there while this band leapt around on stage trying to create excitement. And then someone in my class whinged about how loud it was and I wanted to yell at her IT WAS A CONCERT GODAMMIT THEY ARE MEANT TO BE LOUD OTHERWISE THEY ARE LAME. LIKE YOU. (But I didn't). Instead of being grateful because instead of PE we got to sit around and listen to some band (even though it wasn't quite my kind of music) some people in my class said they would rather have been doing work instead.

Which made me feel sad because this is all they ever talk about. Literally every single conversation we have as a class ends up being about maths or university applications. They all disapprove of anyone who displays the occasional sign of teenage recklessness, and in our form room at lunch everyone does homework and you have to go somewhere else to talk to someone because otherwise they all tell you to be quiet. You could argue that they are just being sensible, and working hard so they can do well in exams and life in general, but they have very limited conversation. They are all (mostly) lovely people but trying to sustain a conversation with any of them about music or opinions is painfully difficult. They just don't really seem to get passionate about anything. I was speaking to a friend recently who was shocked when I told her that I spend most of my lunch playing tetris because pretty much everyone else is working silently and she started telling me about how her whole class makes forts out of chairs.

Maybe I'm just being harsh. After all none of them have ever been a bitch to me, although there is an individual whose opinions make me want to scream, but I just feel exasperated that they don't seem to have any sens of daring or recklessness. I don't want to look back at my youth and feel disappointed that I wasted it sat around doing nothing, but I suppose I shouldn't blame other people for my own lazy behaviour.


  1. Wowza, your school sounds like hell.
    "They just don't really seem to get passionate about anything" sums up my ex-school-colleagues pretty much down to a T.
    Playing Tetris seems like a good solution as it IS the best game EVER.
    I used to read during any kinds of breaks (recommendation: Daphne Du Maurier's short stories because you can find them online and copy them onto a word document so it looks like you're doing work heh).

    1. Aah aren't people who think being passionate about stuff is 'uncool' just the worst? Seeing as I have basically completed Tetris I may now have to start finding other pastimes, short stories do sound like rather a good idea :) and when I'm blogging at school I do always make sure I have some worky stuff open in another tab so I can pretend to be productive x