Friday, 20 December 2013

me recently

So the christmas holidays are here now which means that actually I don't have a real excuse for not blogging so sorry. When school ended I thought I would suddenly go all productive and creative but so far I have utterly failed to motivate myself to do anything apart from eat and go on tumblr. It's bizarre that when I don't have the time to read or listen to new music I can't wait until I do, but then when holidays come around I positiely hate having the opportunity to do something interesting, because I can just never motivate myself.  

pre-going out. this dress still
stinks of perfume and cigarettes
but I have no idea how to wash it
I have been slightly more busy with seeing people and stuff recently which has been nice. On Friday it was the school chistmas party which was surprisingly fun and eventful. I drank and danced a lot, and managed not to break my ankles in my wedges (although I did fall over. In front of the whole of the year below. oops.). It felt like a nicely teenager-y experience which my teenage years have been lacking up to this point

 This is a shirt which I bought recently in a charity shop for £5 and I now totally love and I kind of wish I was at school so I could wear it out more. Also my leopard necklace which I bought from Kiss Me Quick Boutique which also doubles up as a brooch and makes me feel like an eccentric old lady when I wear it. This black jacket (also kiss me quick) is amazing and I literally wear it everywhere because it goes with everything and has an infinite number of excellent pockets.

This is the cat me and my friend met while we were waiting for her car to be fixed. We called him Stephen Singlefang because he looked like he only had one tooth. He was super friendly and was happy to pose adorably for the many photos me and my friend took of him.
P.S. I am currently fiddling around with the look of this blog so if it looks a bit crap you know why..



  1. I love that dress! I know exactly what you mean about wanting to do things in the Christmas holiday vs. the reality of the Christmas holiday.

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately I don't get nearly enough opportunities to wear it... Eeek yes most holidays consist more of eating/television than i envision....