Monday, 30 December 2013

post-christmas post

I feel a bit weird now Christmas is over. It seems odd that everything has suddenly gone back to normal and now I have stuff like history coursework to think about and get on with.

This year we went away for Christmas for the first time ever. It was strange and exciting and kind of un-Christmassy (although my lack of festive feelings could have been due to other things). We didn't have a tree but we bought some lights and me and my brother put them up around the house, in addition to the weird decorations that were already there. I think it was maybe because we went away that it didn't feel quite like Christmas. We weren't anywhere exotic, but all my memories of being excited about Christmas are from being at home, decorating the tree and pinning stockings up. I enjoyed it though, and maybe because I'm older and I don't really get excited about Christmas anymore it was nice to have the excitement of going away to make things more interesting.

Also we were staying in a town which I loved. I live in the countryside, normally and you have to walk for three miles to get to anywhere which even sells bread, and the closest town is a twenty minute drive away and has a fairly basic/dull selection of shops. Therefore I was ecstatic when I figured that not only was the town centre a few metres from the front door of the place we were staying, but that there was also a lovely vintage shop less than a minute's walk away. I went there pretty much every day, each time buying something different until the woman in the shop began to recognise my coat.

They had a whole box of £1 jewellery from which I bought several rings and some earrings. Recently my favourite ring snapped and so this was me over-compensating by buying far too much cheap jewellery

They also had this tartan skirt which I loved so much I bought it even though its too big and I'm going to have to take it in

Also I found these seriously cool earrings (I am a bit obsessed with skulls at the moment)which were made by this company called Little April Showers, who make a ton of seriously cute jewellery


  1. Those rings are gorgeous! Going away for Christmas generally seems very un-Christmassy, I think. Two years ago, we went to Turkey for Christmas and it just didn't really seem like Christmas. The best Christmas memories are always at home.

    1. Thank you! Yes I know it's almost the point of Christmas that it's all homely