Thursday, 16 January 2014


I've been in a really weird not-at-all like myself mood recently. Like a happy, motivated, healthy mood. Nothing in my life has changed, but I feel life I've stopped going round and round in circles. I'm seeing people and I even went for a run the other day, although my legs didn't function properly for days afterwards. I'm managing to stay on top of work, and get shit done.

But things are going well at the moment, so maybe it isn't that surprising.

I got an offer from my university of choice, after a gruelling and soul destroying application process, which made me seriously consider dropping out of school. But I am still intact just about, and all I have to do now is get my head down and work until my brain leaks out of my ears to get the right grades.
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I'm going through a phase of not finding feminism confusing, which is a big thing. It makes me feel really shitty when I can't identify with something which affects the way I think in a big way. I think its because I've let go of the fact that I don't have to have a set opinion on every single issue. Its okay to change your mind, or just say you don't know. After joining tumblr a few months ago, I was suddenly bombarded with all these views and issues which I didn't realise existed, and which made me feel guilty about a lot of the things I do and have done. But I've got over this, and I feel better for it. For my French coursework, I have to talk about a certain subject so I chose the position of women in France, which basically means that a part of my A level will consist entirely of ranting about feminism and inequality *dies of happiness*

My nails are now at the optimum length, e.g. long enough to click together and look feirce but not so long that they impede typing. Also, I'm still going through all the nail polish I got for christmas and this week I decided gold would be fun.
 On a totally different note I lost my camera lead a while back but I am gonna get a new one so my blog won't just consist of crappy phone pictures yay

Also Iggy Azalea. Basically the soundtrack to my sudden bursts of motivation/failed attempts at doing press ups


  1. I sat through the entire music video and feel a little starstruck by Iggy (it's the first time I've heard of her). Also, if you're interested in feminism I recommend taking up a Women Studies class. Since you're passionate about equality and women's rights, I think you will enjoy being surrounded by likeminded people :)

    1. Yes, she is kind of eye catching and awesome. I don't really have that many like minded people around me at the moment, so when I go away I will find some kind of feminist society to attach myself to :)

  2. congrats with getting into your choice school! I love Iggy her music and her story are amazing! Cute nails too and love the Kate quote.

    1. Thanks! Yess she is the coolest xx

  3. Yes yes kate nash!