Tuesday, 21 January 2014

things I learnt from waitressing


1. I have really small hands 
2. And weak wrists 
3. And awful hearing. Actually I'm quite faulty generally 
4. I now know what roast dinner looks like blended (yeah, not good)
5. Ignoring stuff doesn't make it go away. If anything, it creates more problems, which eventually get traced back to you.
6. No one can read my writing. Not even me.
7. I'm really good at accidentally getting people to hate me 
8. Rectangular plates are the work of Satan
9. Trying to yawn without customers noticing is a very particular skill
10. Ditto texting.
11. It is impossible to pretend you know how to use a card machine. No matter how many different combinations of numbers you press
12. People with dogs make my day
13. I don't work properly on 2 hours of sleep
14. It's amazing how much pain you can withstand when  you're carrying burning hot plates and having to calmly offer them to people
15. I enjoy being given money. Actually just money in general
16. My knowledge of football and cars is more non existent than I previously thought
17. Slow eaters are inconsiderate people
18. The smell of food isn't good when it has ingrained itself into your hair and your favourite jacket


  1. @ #13 aw dear, who does?

    'Slow eaters are inconsiderate people.'
    *ponders a little more* oh no, I'm guilty!

    1. haha sorry, I'm probably overly intolerant because I eat like a maniac x

  2. I love your blog