Monday, 3 March 2014

illness is bad kids

I was ill for the first time in ages last week and I forgot how much it throws your life out of balance. I missed an entire week of mock exams, having spent the previous week of 'holiday' revising for them, only to end up stuck at home with a horrifying sore throat, watching the final series of misfits (which I thought was worse than all the others, and I didn't think it ended very well either) and wallowing in self pity.

I wore this like 3 weeks ago, but it was just after I got this skirt so I got super excited and went overboard on photos.
And now I'm back at school, and I feel weird. I spent today listening to everyone else talk enthusiastically about exams I haven't done, while I sat there pushing paper clips through my ear and watching twin peaks. I'm not very far through yet but oh my god its so good despite all the bizarre intense screaming and weird ominous synth which seems to play in the background of every single scene. I watched some of it last night though and spent an hour twitching at all the noises my house makes.

My skirt is from asos, my coat is vintage and from god knows where, my vest is h&m or something and my shirt is from blitz
 I don't feel like I connect much with anyone at school anymore. I hate saying this because I realise it makes me sound kinda pretentious , but everything everyone says is like white noise nowadays. Everything they say is inevitably about school work, and they all seem so happy talking about test marks and exam timetables which never ceases to amaze me. Either that or I end up being a sounding post for all my friend's woes, to the extent where my pity face seems to be my natural expression now. I honestly don't know which is worse.

I heard this song for the first time the other night and it literally made me cry. I love Angel Haze so much. I love the power and of her music, I love her as a person and her amazing strength and her brutal honesty in telling her story.

I'm still deciding whether or not to get twitter. On the one hand, tons of cool people are on it, but I remember the last time I had it a few years ago my feed seemed to consist entirely of people from my school talking about going out for lunch. However, the existence of wolf pupy (again thanks to rookie for introducing me to that one) might have just about swayed me in favour of getting twitter again.


  1. your skirt is A+

  2. Your outfit is too rad. Lol ive heard the last season of misfits was bloody awful but idk. Lol i have a twitter too i dont even bother with classmates i just follow my fav comedians, musicians,actors, artists, fellow bloggers, and a few yoga instructors. Id totally add you if you made one! :). I heard and fell in love with battle cry by angel haze yesterday and read about her story omg. She has a twitter too! Stay strong♥

    1. Thank you! It wasn't very good none of the characters were very sympathetic but I felt I had to watch it because it was one of my favourite programmes haha. Aw thank you I feel I may have to secretly get twitter, and avoid people from school as much as possible... Yesss Angel Haze is incredible x