Tuesday, 13 May 2014

there will be no miracles here

This week:

Bad things:
French exam
My friend keeps inviting me to do stuff and go out and I can't decide if this is exciting or just making me anxious
Having to pretend I feel ENGAGED AND INTERESTED when my mind feels like soup
The amount of unfinished blog posts which are lurking in my drafts folder
The number of bookmarked links on my computer which probably add up to about 10 years worth of reading
My laptop has a virus

Good things:
Brooke Candy omg

Having bought a prom dress which won't make me look like a tiered cake

These £5 charity shop trainers which pinch my feet cos they are a size 3 but they make me so happy

I went into claire's accessories recently for the first time since forever and my inner 12 year old nearly cried at the sight of all the wristwarmers. I also bought this cute ear hoop

bbc3 doctor who repeats on friday nights

I promise i will post something more eloquent and interesting when my brain doesn't hurt, but for now please be patient with my attempt to simplify my feelings into coherent lists.


  1. *hands you ice pack for brain* get well soon hun. Omg your dress looks so Kate Moss circa 90's when she wore slips with Naomi Campbell. Youll look great! Lol i am also guilty of commiting "shoeicide" by wearing footwear that wont fit. Those shoes are really cute too! Ive heard murmurs of Brooke Candy here and there but now im really intrigued hmmm... im so jealous of your ear piercings!

    1. *receives ice pack gratefully* aw thank you yeah I'm kinda obsessed with 90s looks at the moment so I was super excited when I found that dress in the asos sale although I ended up getting the pink version in the end. Oh man Brooke candy is definitely worth listening to, even though her music probably isn't for everyone. Aw thank you, I really want more...

  2. You've got this french exam, you can do it!!!! And wow that dress is so bangin, just wear it with those cute trainers, who even said you have to wear heels for prom?! Fun fact: my nails are painted the same colour as yours are in that top picture, wahay!

    1. Thank youuuu the exam went okay actually thank god. I know right? Prom is for wearing whatever the hell you want to. Although I do have have a pair of delightful wedges which I don't have the ankle strength to wear often which I might opt for. Aaah nail polish telepathy omg.