Sunday, 10 August 2014

the golden age is over

notice anything? uh yeah i made another blog header because i realised i hated how my blog looked. i made this blog more than a year ago now and i have realised i actually don't like a lot of it. looking back at some of my oldest posts i wonder how i was ever like that. i'm trying to come up with a new url (i feel like 'whimsical procrastination' is a bit forced-quirky-cringey hm) but so far i only have a few very vague ideas, most of which i typed into my phone late at night and i have no idea what i was thinking now.

normal life has kind of been on hiatus recently because i moved house. I'm still not quite settled and i still forget where we keep the cereal here which is really troubling. i haven't really taken advantage of the fact that i can now walk into town because it is too hot still (its only like 23 degrees but I'm really bad with heat okay). i still feel like I'm on holiday, but hopefully it'll hit me that i actually live here at some point in the near future.

i took these pictures on a sunny car journey and thought they looked pretty. i was listening to this song at the time and the whole effect was very nostalgic and dreamy.

it was my birthday recently. i went shopping in camden with my family which was lovely (and i met maisie williams in urban outfitters wHATTTTT). i don't really like birthdays though. i don't enjoy special celebrations as much as i like the relaxing rhythms of everyday life and staying at home, and then i feel bad that someone has made an effort to make my day enjoyable and special and all i feel is tired and anxious. but still. i am finally legally an adult which feels more like a weight lifted from my shoulders rather than an exciting milestone. i can (technically at least) do a lot of new things (buy alcohol! move out! get married!) which is both exciting and terrifying, the way most of adulthood seems to me at the moment. i don't feel like growing up really.

i have always wanted to be arty but unfortunately i am terrible at physically drawing most things. apart from flowers, it turns out they're quite nice to draw. when you get the basic outline down you can go wild with clashing colours and they still look fun. for the full quintessential victorian lady pastime feel, listen to classical piano as you draw.

photos from the zoo trip i went on with a friend. it was so crowded and hot and full of small screaming children which normally makes me panicked but on this occasion nothing was gonna stop me from gawping at strange animals and making a mental inventory of all the ones i want if i ever have a big enough house.

asa a part of my 'become-an-interesting-person-by-watching-interesting-films' initiative i spent an afternoon watching pink flamingos with my curtains shut. its one of those films which you could see as being some sort of statement about the decaying morality of society (which john waters almost definitely did not intend it to be) or just a film about people trying to be more flamboyantly awful than each other. its interesting watching a film which doesn't care about showing that good morals always prevail etc. like some kind of weird circus, letting yourself be more and more shocked by watching people do more and more atrocious things. but being shocked is fun. we like watching other people push and break boundaries, because we want to see how far you can go with these things without doing them ourselves. and all while they're wearing outrageous and incredible costumes!!(see: the marbles' fluorescent dyed hair and divine's dress in the courtroom scene) 

i feel like these posts should finish with some kind of definite ending, not just me running out of energy/ideas. maybe a moral? possibly. well kids the moral of this post is i blog best late at night. also fudge ice cream is out of this world. au revoir.


  1. That moral at the end of the post is probably one of the best-blogging and fudge ice cream forever :) Happy birthday and hope you like your new house! :) Those pictures are really cool xx

    1. hhha thank you ice cream is basically my saviour right now. ooh i love it thank you

  2. i don't think i ever could look at my old posts... and i need to change the look of my blog too but i'm too lazy (and don't have time). i feel your pain about the drawing. i like the photo of the fish x

    1. yes blog editing is so so time consuming and irritating but thank youu