Monday, 15 September 2014


so in my last post i mentioned possibly creating a zine and you were all so nice and positive and i can now reveal *drum roll* that Mind Porridge (because thats what i decided to call it no h8 ok) is now calling for submissions on the tumblr page, where there is an outline of the first theme ('existence') and an email address for submissions to be sent to ( haven't decided on a deadline for submissions or an eventual format because a) i am a lazy worm and b) i am unsure how many submissions there will be. HOWEVER if any of you are good at making webpages/ have any ideas on format or just wanna help out, with your ideas/by sharing the page then please do. all help and creations are welcome. <3


  1. Hey,
    You have a great blog. Would you like to follow each other !
    Keep in touch

  2. This is so cool! Followed on tumblr, I'm really excited to see it! xx

  3. this is so cool! i'm already excited to submit for mind porridge!